LAMPASAS — With financial contributions from both the Texas Department of Transportation’s Aviation Division and the Federal Aviation Administration, the city of Lampasas is continuing to make progress on renovations to the Lampasas Municipal Airport. 

The airport hangar and expansion project was awarded a capital improvement grant earlier this year to include building additional hangar space and re-paving the asphalt around the existing hangars.

The projected cost of the project was about $480,000, with the city paying at least $47,000. The contractor, Lansford Company, began pouring concrete.

Work will continue to move forward at a steady pace, said Lampasas Parks and Recreation Director Micky Tower.

The project includes the addition of five T-hangar units and one big box hangar.

“We hope the big box hangar will turn into a business opportunity for someone to do some type of aeronautical-type business, possibly offering mechanical services,” Tower said, “or we can turn it into a rental opportunity for aircraft storage, as it’s big enough for four planes in there.”

Tower said the contractor is waiting on delivery of metal materials to build the hangars.

Robert Lansford, owner and contractor for the Lansford Company, which primarily designs and builds airport hangars in Texas, said the hangar itself will be installed after the foundation is completed.

“This is our sixth design build for TxDOT, and this type of project is typically 5 to 30 percent less expensive than a contract build,” he said. “With this, there is a lot of savings in engineering costs and over designs, and we work hard to stay within budget.”

Once the hangar materials arrive, the project could be completed within 60 days, Lansford said.

“If we can get our hangar material in January, it will take us six weeks to get it complete,” Lansford said. “We’re hoping for a March completion date, as these design build projects are typically a whole lot faster than a conventional bid project.”

Tower said city officials and the airport advisory board hope to apply for future capital improvement grants for additional airport improvements such as a pilots’ lounge, more hangars or possibly a fuel station.

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