LAMPASAS – The City Council on Monday approved a $17,748 bid from Langley Construction Group to demolish five buildings deemed to be substandard and unsafe.

Jerry Bunting, building official, said the city placed liens against the property owners.

“We’ve actually had two participants of the properties who have come in and set up payment programs to pay back what it’s going to cost for demolition,” he said. “We’re going to set up payment plans, where we can, to at least recoup some of that money.”

Bunting told the council he was working on a list of additional structures to recommend for demolition.

“Right now, I have 12 more (houses) that I’m working on that are in as bad a shape as these originals, if not worse,” he said.

In other business, the council voted unanimously to close public access to a partial alleyway in the A.H. Barnes addition.

The partial alley closure will allow city officials to complete the sale of the old fire station vacated earlier this year.

“The Planning Commission met on Nov. 21 and took action to recommend this abandonment to City Council,” City Manager Finley deGraffenried said. “The subject property is the old fire department bays.”

DeGraffenried reported a 17.5 percent increase in the city’s sales tax revenue in November.

“That was one of the top 10 months in the last 10 years, so we’ll keep an eye on that trend,” he said. “You do have spikes and little dips from time to time, so again we want to keep an eye on that and hope it continues.”

At the request of Street Superintendent Shane Brown, the council approved the purchase of type B and type D cold mix from Alexander Trucking.

The purchase will cost an average of $71 to $79 per ton and is not to expected to exceed $40,000.

Alexander also received a second bid for the purchase of seal coat aggregate for the summer paving program at a cost not to exceed $49,000.

The L.A. Porter Company was awarded a bid for the purchase of flex base material at $9.40 per ton, with a cap not to exceed $49,000.

Canales Dibble Contractors was awarded a bid not to exceed $49,500 for the installation of curbs and gutters at various locations throughout the city at a cost just under $18 per linear foot.

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