Lasting impressions: Christina Marez

Access to timely and accurate information is vital to a news reporter. When I embarked on my journey earlier this year with the Killeen Daily Herald, I was hired to cover the news in the Lampasas area, resulting in an experience beyond my expectations.

Living as a close neighbor to Lampasas for 16 years, I have always enjoyed my trips here and welcomed the opportunity to become more closely informed about the hidden treasures and rich traditions the city preserves.

The majority of information I receive comes from attending council meetings. I am no stranger to covering these sessions. It’s there that I learn the most about how a city operates.

In Lampasas, it’s where I’ve received an endless stream of support from Lampasas City Secretary Christina Marez, whose unlimited organizational skills and efficiency help make my work easier than I imagined possible.

It’s always a little disorienting walking into unknown territory. The first meeting I attended in Lampasas was typical, leaving me to ask, “Who’s who in city government? Where will I sit? How do they conduct their meetings?”

At that first meeting, Marez approached me with a heartwarming smile and presented me with a gift — an agenda packet. Wow. I’d heard of these but never had the great fortune to have one until then.

I was surprised to find the packet was filled with more than just an agenda. It was music to my eyes as I read the finite details of the action taken at the previous meeting and specific issues outlining the current meeting, including letters from contractors, notes from builders and other important documents.

Somehow, Marez seemed to know I would attend that first meeting.

A short time later, I had to stop by City Hall and was thrilled to find that Marez was just as friendly and knowledgeable about all aspects of Lampasas life. It was easy to see why officials promoted her to city secretary earlier this year.

I realize it takes effort from many people to make things run smoothly in any group environment, but Marez and her colleagues in Lampasas deserve special recognition for their hard work and undeniable love of the city they call home.

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