LAMPASAS — Commissioners voted Monday to extend the county’s contract for Web hosting services for another year, but several county employees will be trained to post information to the county’s website as a way to save money.

CIRA, or County Information Resources Agency, has provided Web hosting services to Lampasas County for at least six years. County officials continue to make better use of the website for dispensing public information, administrative assistant Dianne Miller said.

“With CIRA, these are the people that host and maintain our website. They charge $2 per email account, and we have a little more than 20 accounts,” Miller said. “This contract for services would begin Jan. 1, 2014.”

CIRA charges $550 per year for hosting the domain and another $550 per year for posting information on behalf of the county.

However, posting can be handled internally to effectively cut the county’s costs in half, Miller said.

In other business, all but one commissioner approved a donation to the VetRides ride-sharing program, which provides free transportation services to veterans, their family members and survivors for medical and personal needs.

VetRides program administrator Sophie McCoy previously sent a letter requesting a $900 donation and attended Monday’s meeting to answer questions about the request.

Precinct 1 Commissioner Robert Vincent, a veteran, was not in favor of the idea.

Vincent said he resents any implication the county is not supportive if it doesn’t give financial support to VetRides or any program that requests county assistance.

County Auditor Chris Munn also voiced concerns about the donation as McCoy said the program has only served two or three Lampasas County veterans this year.

Precinct 3 Commissioner Lowell Ivey suggested a $900 donation with the understanding that county officials receive a report next year, hopefully with an increase in riders from Lampasas County. Ivey’s motion passed by a vote of 4-1, with Vincent voting against the donation.

County Judge Wayne Boultinghouse temporarily lifted the countywide ban against outdoor burning until 7 p.m. Nov. 11.

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