LAMPASAS — County Commissioners voted Monday to reinstate the 90-day burn ban, but County Judge Wayne Boultinghouse immediately lifted the ban through Sunday, saying officials will review conditions on a weekly basis.

Recent rains may have temporarily relieved drought-like conditions throughout the area, but county officials want to move cautiously in order to prevent fires.

“The last 90-day ban expired on Sunday, so we put it back on for the full 90 days, and I can lift it depending on how things go,” Boultinghouse said. “Even though it may be muddy, the grass is still dry on top — this leaves room for fires to get started easily.”

Boultinghouse said the temporary lift allows residents to burn on the weekends, a time when most landowners choose to burn brush during weekend chores. But he urged everyone to be careful and not leave fires unattended.

In other business, commissioners heard an update from County Auditor Chris Munn on the search for employee health insurance coverage.

“We received four bids that were opened and turned over to Anco for evaluation to suggest the best proposal possible,” Munn said. “We had hoped as many as six companies might respond, but we’re pleased with the four that did.”

Bids were received from Humana, Aetna, Scott & White and the Texas Association of Counties for Blue Cross Blue Shield. Commissioners expect to receive a recommendation from Anco Insurance, the county’s insurance broker, at their next regular meeting Aug. 12.

Commissioners also received an update about a proposed senior tax freeze for county property owners age 65 and older.

According to information received by Lampasas County Elections Administrator Randy McGuire, if the tax freeze item is placed on an elections ballot in November, the outcome determined by the voters is final and county officials will have no authority to override or reverse the decision.

“Voters will see this item on the November ballot this year,” Boultinghouse said. “Since we already decided to put this on the ballot, this was really just a clarification from our elections administrator.”

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