LAMPASAS — The county took a step toward reducing carbon footprints Monday when commissioners approved legislative support for establishing a statewide recycling refund system.

“What this resolution does is authorize support of state legislation offering refundable deposits on plastic and beverage containers,” County Judge Wayne Boultinghouse said. “This is where you see plastic containers floating in rivers and creeks, and there’s not much incentive to pick those up. There’s no market to buy them, but they will recycle.”

Thirty-one percent of the state’s pollution along public roadways and waste streams is attributed to plastic containers, Boultinghouse said in a prepared statement. If the bill passes, officials hope it will provide a monetary incentive to recycle and help promote job growth.

In other business, commissioners proclaimed the month of April as “Safe Digging Month” to reduce inconvenient power outages, prevent injuries and reduce property damage by encouraging workers and contractors to locate underground utility and power lines prior to digging.

“Two years ago, county business was shut down as a result of an electric line that had been cut close to Austin, and it interrupted our service,” Boultinghouse said. “The Central Texas Damage Prevention Council works for 12 counties throughout Texas, and damage prevention is a shared responsibility to help keep us safe.”

The council’s slogan, “Know what’s below. Call before you dig,” encourages professionals and homeowners to locate underground lines by calling 811 prior to digging.

Commissioners also received a report on recent road improvements on County Road 2600, where workers repaired cracks in the roadway by using a new seal overcoat process expected to substantially increase the pavement’s life expectancy.

“Downtime for traffic was minimal, and it looks like they did a really good job on the road overcoat,” Precinct 3 Commissioner Lowell Ivey said.

Local Boy Scout Troop 200 attended the commissioners court meeting. The Scouts’ attendance served as credit toward citizenship and community badges.

“I’m glad I attended the meeting because it helped me learn how county government works, and now I know it’s important to watch where you’re digging so you don’t cut important lines,” said Garrett Eddinger, troop historian.

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