By Audrey Spencer

Killeen Daily Herald

LAMPASAS - With the recent departure of interim city manager Kim Wilde, Lampasas is again without a permanent person to fill the position vacated in August.

"We're looking at all applications, and obviously some of them probably don't (have the qualifications)," said Mayor Jerry Grayson.

During a special session Monday, city secretary and assistant city manager Stacy Brack was unanimously chosen by the council to act as the interim city manager. With the help of two assistants, she will fulfill the duties of her newly appointed role, as well as those of city secretary. unitl a new city manager is hired.

Brack has been in her current position since 2006.

Wilde withdrew his application for the full-time position when he was contacted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help with tornado recovery.

When Wilde left the city, the council terminated its contract with Municipal Solutions on March 12. Wilde was hired through the organization.

"Mr. Wilde left in good standing with the city," said Grayson. "There was no problem there. He left to pursue other interests he had."

Wilde served approximately six months as interim city manager.

"Kim did a great job as interim and kept the day-to-day activities flowing," said council member TJ Monroe. "We need someone who's going to be here and get into the sync of the city and take over."

The council unanimously authorized the city staff Monday to negotiate a new contract with Campbell Business Consultants LLC not to exceed $5,000, according to meeting minutes.

"We're getting a consultant to assist so we can continue focusing on city matters," said Brack.

The city has received about 30 applications since it started searching for someone to fill the spot vacated when Michael Stoldt was fired in August.

"We'd like to choose someone as quickly as we can, but we haven't set a deadline," said Grayson. "We don't anticipate having any problems. We have a capable staff. Stacy Brack has been assistant city manager for some time. It should be business as normal."

The city is searching for a candidate with experience as a city manager or as an assistant city manager, a degree in public administration and experience with a city that houses its own electrical distribution system, said Grayson.

"Life is going on as usual," said Monroe. "It would be nice to have some stability."

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