LAMPASAS — The City Council on Monday approved a request by the police department to purchase 13 stun guns.

Police Chief Tim Angermann said the department could use $10,000 in seized funds and about $7,092 from a local, anonymous donor to cover the cost of buying the stun guns, 13 Blackhawk Serpa holsters, 13 air cartridges for the stun guns and a Taser Cam with audio/video recording for use by patrol officers.

Angermann said during the past few months, people kicked out the back windows of two patrol cars while officers were trying to arrest them.

“The Tasers are a tool to prevent injuries to officers when they encounter these kind of people,” Angermann said.

Council member T.J. Roberts asked Angermann about the upkeep of the stun guns. Angermann said each time a stun gun is used, maintenance costs from $21 to $23.

Information at the meeting stated: “Tasers are very successful in de-escalating dangerous and potentially life threatening situations. ... Prior to officers being allowed to use a taser, they will be required to attend training. The department will also issue a new policy and procedure on the use of tasers which officers will be trained to follow.”

Some police officers have already received stun gun training, Angermann said. A school providing the training has offered to cover the costs for Lampasas police officers.

Lampasas County and Coryell County sheriff’s deputies currently have officers who carry stun guns, Angermann said; Lampasas police officers do not.

“I think it’s time for Lampasas to step up,” Angermann said.

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