LAMPASAS — County leaders were hit with an unexpected bill when Lampasas County Auditor Chris Munn presented the city’s second billing invoice for the recently constructed joint-use fire station to the Commissioners Court on Monday.

The fire station, a million-dollar joint project taken on by the city and the county, was planned in 2013.

At the start of the project, the county agreed to pay 30 percent of the total construction costs, which was originally invoiced several months ago, Munn said.

The first, and assumed to be final, invoice brought the station’s total cost to a little more than $1.7 million, leaving the county to pay around $323,000.

However, the city sent a second invoice to the county after additional “build-ups” had been done at the station, requesting $15,000 in added funds.

“When I talked to the city manager, he realizes that they’re asking for more than the original project cost,” Munn said.

“But there was an additional costs at the end of the project for items like phone systems, irrigation, locks ...”

The fire station, located on Fourth Avenue, opened in July and will serve both city and county residents. City officials said the second invoice would be the final invoice given.

Both county commissioners and Munn acknowledged they would not be legally required to honor the request.

The city currently only has around $5,000 to pay on its original balance of $323,000.

Commissioners voted to pay the required $5,000, but decided to table it in light of the requested $15,000.

Commissioners said they wanted to review the additional costs to determine if they were needed to make the station “operationally functional.”

Other business

Commissioners and the Lampasas County Historical Commission honored two long-established, family-run county businesses. Gibson Brothers Farm Supply has been operating since 1951, and provides farming, trucking and seed to Lampasas and the surrounding area.

Officials also honored Smart Drilling and Supply Company. Run by the Smart family, the well-drilling company has been serving customers since 1915.

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