LAMPASAS — A dedication ceremony Monday celebrated the grand opening of a new $1 million joint-use fire station facility on Fourth Street.

Visitors were treated to a tour of vehicles, equipment and the new facility.

Lampasas Mayor Jerry Grayson said the new fire station is a great source of community pride and the new location will make it easier to provide for the public’s safety.

“We think it’s a better location and it’s just a better facility,” he said. “The vehicles were all together before, and here, they can get them out quicker in an emergency. We’re very proud of this facility and appreciate the county’s participation in what they did to help the city bring all this together.”

A groundbreaking ceremony was held in October after city and county officials reached an agreement to build the facility. There were some bumps along the way, but few hampered the six-month construction process for J. Jacobs Construction of Georgetown.

Fire department officials took occupancy of the new building at the end of April.

Fire Marshal Reece Oestreich said the new facility is a huge upgrade from the old station, where the staff was forced to deal with a bat infestation and other unsanitary conditions.

The city’s last fire station was built in 1931, and the years had taken their toll on the old building.

“This facility is a lot bigger and has a lot more room for us to grow,” he said. “We don’t have to back the trucks into the bays and can respond more quickly with access from both sides.

“The ladder truck is a $750,000 piece of equipment; it was getting rained on, and now we can take care of the equipment more efficiently. ... We rely on this equipment for our lives, so we want to keep it clean, ready to go and in the best condition possible.”

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