LAMPASAS — County commissioners Monday denied the city’s request for an additional $15,000 to help cover fire station construction costs.

The $1.7 million joint-use fire station opened in July and was funded by the city and county.

Initially, the county agreed to pay 30 percent of the total construction costs.

The original billing invoice was for $328,300.

But in February, the city sent a second invoice to the county with additional costs that were not a part of the original agreement presented to the county, officials said.

“It was not part of the construction costs that we had agreed to pay up to 30 percent of,” County Auditor Chris Munn said. “These are additional costs that have come in to make the building more functional.”

Some of those additional costs were for telephone services, locks, irrigation, concrete testing, drainage designs and Texas Department of Transportation permits.

Precinct 4 Commissioner Jack Cox said he felt the city’s profit from the sale of the old fire station offset the additional funds.

“My feelings are that when the city sold (the old fire station facilities) they recovered the value of it, and we didn’t ask for any return to the county, from what we’d invested into it,” he said.

Lampasas City Manager Finley deGraffenried said the second invoice covered operational costs needed for the building to function properly.

Officials voted 4-1 to deny the request. Precinct 2 Commissioner Alex Wittenburg voted in favor of the request.

“Obviously we would have hoped the county had funded their fair share, but there’s nothing to do but move on,” deGraffenried said. | 254-501-7559

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