By Rebecca Hertz

Killeen Daily Herald

The Lampasas Economic Development Corporation unanimously approved a budget of $220,478 for operating expenses in the upcoming fiscal year at its regular meeting Wednesday evening.

Aggies in Business Consulting presented results of a commissioned workforce study. The presentation gave an overview of multiple surveys conducted in the Lampasas area, outlining workforce demographics and strengths that could contribute to growth in the community.

The summary identified high population growth, low unemployment and appealing real estate as assets that could attract new business and residents to the area.

A recommendation to revamp the LEDC Web site to a more user friendly format, better organization of information that highlights the community's assets and use of photographs to showcase properties and landscape was well received by LEDC members and is under consideration.

City Manager and staff liaison Michael Stoldt suggested obtaining an estimate of remaining consulting hours that could be used for the Web site redesign.

T. J. Monroe presented a report on the revitalization of the downtown area. Vision Downtown Lampasas! is a volunteer organization working to preserve the city's historical structures and promote design guidelines to encourage orderly growth in the downtown district. The goal is to organize a design review committee, promote mixed land use, boost retail business and develop a safe and pleasant place to live and work.

Land use recommendations identified the development of a pedestrian oriented atmosphere and preservation of neighborhood distinction as high priorities.

The Downtown Task Force is currently holding a fundraiser, "Catch the Vision," to raise $20,000 to fund the master plan for the revitalization project.

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