LAMPASAS — A frozen foods processing plant may be out of commission for a couple of days as a repair crew works to get the facility back online, according to the Lampasas fire marshal.

A fire broke out early Tuesday morning at the Windsor Foods processing plant in Lampasas, damaging the facility’s roof but causing no injuries.

Five minutes after receiving the call, fire crews arrived on the scene and discovered a portion of the structure’s roof engulfed in flames.

“We received a 911 call at 4:24 a.m. and were on the scene at 4:29 a.m.,” Lampasas Fire Marshal Reece Oestreich said. “When we arrived, we discovered flames on top of the building.”

Oestreich said it took 45 minutes to contain the blaze, and firefighters remained at the plant another hour to investigate and make sure the fire was extinguished.

Two units and 20 firefighters were able to contain the fire to the roof; it is believed there was minimal damage to the inside of the facility.

“We stayed on the scene until 6:17 a.m. mopping up and making sure the fire didn’t extend to anywhere else in the building,” Oestreich said. “There was extensive damage to some of their equipment and the roofing, but no injuries were reported.”

The plant on East Third Street manufactures frozen and prepared foods for distribution. Fire officials said much of the building’s interior consists of water-resistant stainless steel equipment, which helped minimize the damage.

According to fire officials, an electrical equipment malfunction was the initial source of the ignition and is believed to be what caused the roof to ignite. At the time the fire broke out, a work crew was on shift at the plant performing routine maintenance on the equipment.

“They do a lot of spray-down with high-pressure machines to wash the floor due to the nature of their work,” Oestreich said. “There is a lot of metal, steel, etc., so they were able to get that cleaned up pretty quickly. They may be closed for a couple of days, but I think contractors were brought in to repair the building and they’ll probably be up and running again soon.”

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