LAMPASAS — The school board on Monday upheld the superintendent’s decision to reassign a middle school counselor to a teaching position, despite an appeal and complaint the employee filed against the school district.

Superintendent Randall Hoyer requested to move Amy Barrett, a sixth- and seventh-grade counselor, from the counseling position into a classroom setting. As a result, Barrett appealed the action and filed an employee complaint against the district.

After the meeting Monday, Hoyer confirmed Barrett now has the option of accepting the teaching assignment or terminating her employment with the district.

Board members also upheld Hoyer’s decision to terminate the employment of high school math teacher and girls’ coach Holly Paulk.

“That was a probationary contract terminated at the end of this contract period,” Hoyer said. “The board decided to uphold my findings, which I believe is in the district’s best interest.”

Hoyer declined to provide specific details about the reason for Paulk’s termination.

Trustees also discussed an issue introduced by board president James Briggs regarding school uniforms. In April, Briggs said he was unhappy with the infusion of colors into school uniforms that are not the standard Lampasas blue and white.

“When we go and compete, it bothers me when we can’t identify our kids because they’re not wearing all school colors,” Briggs said.

Briggs’ motion to implement a policy change that allowed only blue and white colors in school uniforms died for lack of support.

“I totally respect his desire that our school colors are blue and white,” Hoyer said. “I do believe, however, certain accent colors enhance the uniforms and still reflect the primary colors.”

Board members asked Hoyer to provide an administrative directive for the district that ensures all uniforms, regardless of color accents, be provided full coverage to prevent clothes considered “too revealing.”

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