Lasting Impressions: Monica Wright

LAMPASAS — I have always loved computers, and technology in general, but long ago I came to realize my interest far exceeds my talent when it comes to fixing complex technical issues.

As a result, I have always held a place of respect for those who spend their days battling cyber complexities in an effort to make the lives of others more convenient.

I admire the dedication of those who manage to do this on a daily basis, and Monica Wright is no exception. She has served as the information technology director for the city of Lampasas for four years and worked as an IT technician and network systems administrator for the city four years before leading the department.

We often think the job of an IT professional is full of boring, complex computer codes and an endless river of cables. But Wright taught me the job entails much more.

I first had the opportunity to speak with her earlier this year about the launch of the city’s new and improved website.

From the city meetings I attended, I heard the site was going to turn a new corner with convenient features, but the ease-of-use and attractive design was beyond impressive.

Wright’s role in working with the web design company, Civic Plus, allowed her to play an active part in developing a new layout, making a unique design.

She said the website is structured to ultimately provide an improved user experience while showcasing the community of Lampasas.

Wright’s educational background is in information systems technology.

Although she said she loves solving technical problems, strategizing solutions and providing guidance to city staff in the application of technology, getting to play with all the latest and greatest gadgets is definitely a big perk of the job.

Just as architects and builders create a legacy of their work, Wright accomplished the same with the new website.

The project took approximately eight months to complete, but I definitely think it’s something for this wife, mother of two and hardworking employee of the city to be proud of.

Now anyone in the world with Internet access can see just how beautiful this small Texas town is and how much it’s loved by the citizens who live there.

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