LAMPASAS — Six to eight airplane hangars may be added to the Lampasas Municipal Airport’s collection pending receipt of a Texas Department of Transportation grant.

Micky Tower, the city’s director of parks and recreation, said he sent TxDOT Aviation a letter requesting Lampasas Airport be placed on its capital improvement list. If approved for the grant, the airport would be able to do asphalt work and construct additional hangars to accompany its current 27.

“It’s a 90-10 project,” Tower said. “The city funds 10 percent and the state and (Federal Aviation Administration) covers 90 percent.”

Tower estimates the hangar expansion will cost about $410,000 and the asphalt work, $125,000.

According to the TxDOT Airport Project Participation Agreement, the project is described as design and construction services to construct hangar access, taxiway and apron entrance, remove concrete slabs and a pole barn, and install a gate at the airport.

“TxDOT is considering it as two separate projects,” Tower said. “The hangar is one phase and once they get it built, we’ve got to have 45 feet around the hangar for airplanes to taxi on.”

Tower hopes expanding the number of planes the airport can accommodate will increase traffic, which would have multiple economic effects on the area.

“We probably have about 50 pilots a month that fly through,” Tower said.

More use of the airport could justify hiring a fixed-base operator, who would be on-hand at the airport to perform minor plane repairs or assist pilots.

Aviators who are just passing through also use the airport to fuel up or venture into the city to eat or shop, adding dollars to the local economy.

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