LAMPASAS — County commissioners Monday approved a request to place a monument on the courthouse lawn to commemorate the service of county veterans.

The idea was presented by local veteran Jack Shelton, who represented a group of Lampasas County veterans who spearheaded and funded the project. The monument will be constructed of more than two tons of black granite and take several months to complete.

“What we want is a simple, elegant presentation to honor the county’s service members who have served in the military or lost their lives,” Shelton said.

The monument should be finished and in place on the southwest corner of the courthouse lawn for a memorial dedication at the county’s Veteran’s Day celebration Nov. 11.

In other business, commissioners reaffirmed and upheld an action of the court from 1988 at the request of Kempner Mayor Gene Isenhour.

In 1988, Lampasas commissioners relinquished all ties to an abandoned alleyway in Kempner; however, some of the property owners at that time failed to follow through with the transfer of ownership.

When Kempner became incorporated in August 1997, there was some uncertainty about the direct ownership of the 12 lots that make up the alleyway.

“The county already voted once to abandon this alleyway in 1988, so why is this on our agenda again?” Precinct 1 Commissioner Robert Vincent said. “You’re asking us now to come back and redo our action.”

Isenhour said his request was merely for clarification.

“There are some residuals and other property-line boundary issues still needing attention,” he said.

“For whatever reason, some owners did not follow through with the transfer of ownership of the property. The requirements to take ownership were not met as required by the state transportation code regulations, and the proper channels for transfer of ownership were never carried out.”

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