LAMPASAS — City officials voted Monday to keep the 2013-2014 proposed tax rate at 39.5 cents per $100 valuation and approved the purchase of several big ticket items to help with routine maintenance around the city.

With continued road work in Lampasas, the council approved the purchase of $26,081 for the Water and Wastewater Department to purchase skid steer equipment, including broom, compactor and backhoe attachments.

The equipment will be shared among city departments as necessary. In addition, the council gave its approval to purchase a Falcon Hot Box patching trailer for road repairs from Texas Municipal Equipment at a cost not to exceed $37,487.

At the request of Police Chief Tim Angermann, the council agreed to purchase two 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe police units at a cost of $65,622.

“These will replace two old vehicles at $25,811 per unit from Caldwell Chevrolet. We checked a few other places, but this was the lowest price,” Angermann said. “I don’t know how much equipment will be able to come off the 2005 Tahoe to fit on this 2013, but this (price) also includes the stripe kit, which will cost an additional $600 to $800 per unit.”

Two additional city facilities also will receive upgrades.

Lampasas Public Library Director Shanda Subia told council members the library received a grant from the Tocker Foundation.

“The $50,000 grant we applied for in June has been approved and will be used for shelving and two new computers,” she said.

With the council’s approval, the Lampasas Animal Shelter will soon begin another expansion project to add one more outdoor dog run to the facility.

“This is going to make it a lot better for the dogs,” Friends of the Lampasas Animal Shelter Director Glo Anders said. “We’ve raised all the money, and all we need from the city is to dig eight holes so we can put up some poles that will add shade.”

Animal shelter members raised the money from their “Paws for a Cause” event in April.

The new outdoor run will help ease new animals through the shelter’s intake process, as well as provide a safe, secure area for new mothers and puppies to play.

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