LAMPASAS — City officials may soon start to crack down on untidy businesses in Lampasas.

The issue arose after Donut Palace owner Kwang Kim applied for, then later withdrew his application for a specific-use permit, or SUP, asking for permission to keep a temporary building on his property.

John Higgins, who owns the property adjacent to Kim’s business, objected to the placement of the shed and provided testimony in an effort to block city officials from granting the SUP.

“We own the property at 1004 South Key where that thing, the shed, is sitting next to my property line, and I’ve made comments to the Planning & Zoning Commission on it that it doesn’t have setbacks, is blocking my windows and there’s trash stacked back there with unusable items,” Higgins said.

At Monday’s City Council meeting, Mayor Pro Tem Chris Harrison asked for the city’s next step in rectifying the situation. City staff said the council and the city can work with the property owner and the contractor hired to remove the shed to get it relocated as soon as possible.

“I’d like for us to workshop or look at this ordinance with these types of buildings. There are several structures that are similar in what they do, and let us work on that,” Mayor Jerry Grayson said.

Other council members expressed the same concern. “I agree. The first thing that shocked me was that it was for retail, or resale. We need to really look at them around town, completely, and put something together and make a decision,” Council Member Robert McCauley said.

Also during the meeting, the council heard from committee members of Vision Lampasas regarding plans for upcoming mural projects.

The council gave support for the next mural to be painted on the Ernest Goodwin building, which will be the first mural painted on the city’s historic square.

The mural will be painted based on the building owner’s request that it depict his family’s historic ties to agricultural and exemplify Lampasas’ western way of life. The project is scheduled to get underway in October, and based on an overwhelming number of volunteers, committee members estimate it should only take one month to complete the project.

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