LAMPASAS — City officials approved a request from Lampasas ISD Monday to provide one additional school resource officer to help maintain school safety at the district’s five campuses.

The City Council agreed to pay the resource officer’s salary during the summer months at a cost of $15,198, with LISD paying a salary of $45,594 during the nine-month school year.

“The school contacted us and asked if we’d consider putting another school resource officer in the schools, and I told them I’d have to check with my city manager and council,” Lampasas Police Chief Tim Angermann said. “We basically put it to pencil, like we were asked to, and it will cost a total of $60,790. This includes the salary, equipment, training and weapons. As I understand, the district’s goal is to have the officer in place before school starts.”

The officer will be located mainly at the Lampasas Middle School campus, with directives coming from the school district; however, the officer will pick up regular patrol duties for the city during summer months when school is not in session.

“It’s a good program, and I support it,” Mayor Jerry Grayson said. “We hope nothing happens, but it’s there if we need it.”

Budget update

City Manager Finley deGraffenried updated the council on the progress of the proposed 2013-2014 fiscal budget.

“We have worked over the last several days since our Thursday evening workshop, and we’ve come up with some more projects, but we do have some more options for you to consider,” he said. “We have our draft budget balance down to a $29,000 deficit. We did that primarily by shifting a vehicle we had budgeted in next year’s budget to this year, which leaves our projected year end at about $165,000 to the good.”

DeGraffenried told officials staff members will continue to work on additional city concerns, such as paving projects and infrastructure upgrades. The city is expecting a refund of approximately $120,000 from the Texas Department of Transportation, which can be used toward improving underground storm sewers, intersections and drainage issues that have been identified as areas of concern.

Also during the regular meeting, the council approved a Public Works Department request of $10,240 for an emergency replacement of the sewer line located in the alley between City Hall and council chambers. Replacement of the 272-foot line was necessary to fix a “sag” in the sewer line that prevented proper drainage.

The city’s contractor, M&C Fonseca, who was hired to install a new sewer line for the city just off of U.S. Highway 190, performed the emergency repair.

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