LAMPASAS — A recent change in legislation has made it easier for home-rule cities, such as Lampasas, to use conventional real estate services to dispose of surplus properties and get revenue back on the tax rolls.

City Manager Finley deGraffenried said this improvement will give Lampasas greater flexibility and latitude when disposing of unwanted property.

“Now, if you’re a home-rule municipality, you have the option of a more traditional listing for sale, instead of conducting an auction or public sale,” deGraffenried said.

Lampasas recently distributed a letter to local real estate professionals soliciting interest in the project. The council chose Jack Harrell with Harrell & Associates Real Estate, and Ron Kuker with The Kuker Company Real Estate to begin the listing process. Both brokers are based in Lampasas.

“I’m going to handle the old fire station and small auxiliary meeting room from the old firehouse,” Harrell said. “For quite a while, Lampasas wasn’t doing much of anything, then we started making some changes six or seven years ago. In the last three years, we’ve seen some significant growth, and I think we’re going to see that more than double in the next three years.”

Harrell said there are a lot of good things to come from getting these unused properties back on the tax rolls and in the hands of people who can put it to good use and provide long-term benefits to the community.

Kuker is excited about the impact the new law will have on the city. The council elected Kuker to handle listing the old City Hall building — a two-story structure that sits next door to the current council chamber.

“I think it’s great we no longer have to go out for bid for public-owned properties. Anytime you have three U.S. highways running through town, and a spring-fed creek such as Hancock Springs, the commercial and residential prospects are looking good for the city,” Kuker said.

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