A customer walks toward Jackson Hewitt Tax Service on Lowes Boulevard on Monday in Killeen. Last-minute filers flocked to area tax services and post offices to meet the income tax-filing deadline.

Monday was the last day to file federal income taxes, and between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. Alex Ligon, a tax specialist at World Finance Corporation, was booked solid.

“Everybody is waiting until the last minute,” Ligon said from her office in downtown Killeen.

Ligon said that most people who file on the last day are the ones who know they are going to owe money — not the ones who are expecting a refund.

“Most people who know they are going to get money back file in January or February,” Ligon said.

On the flip side, property owners or business owners separating from their money is always hard, Ligon said.

“I dread the last day because you develop a relationship with these customers and then you’ve got to tell them, ‘You owe $2,000,’” Ligon said.

Unless they can present a reasonable excuse, those who did not make the April 15 cutoff could face stiff fines from the Internal Revenue Service.

Late filers will pay 5 percent of the total owed for each month that passes without filing, according to the banking website, Bankrate.com.

Military deployment is an acceptable exclusion from the tax day deadline, Ligon said.

Antione Westbrook, owner of Gutta-Fam Records in Killeen, for the first time in a long time did his taxes on his own this year.

“It’s a bit of procrastination,” he said. “I’m trying to rush in to get it done at the last minute.”

As a small-business owner, he said it can be tough to pull together all the receipts from his travel, hotel and business purchases, but not as hard as giving his money to Uncle Sam.

“These taxes are taking a nice little chunk this year,” Westbrook said.

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