Last year’s flu epidemic has a local senior care agency fighting back.

Visiting Angels Living Assistance Services, an in-home senior care company, visited local home health agencies Wednesday to provide seniors with “fight the flu kits.”

Sarah Davison, Visiting Angels director of community relations, said the goal of the starter kits is to educate seniors on how to prepare themselves for flu season.

The kits include paper towels to be used instead of hand towels, which Davison said harbor germs, a thermometer, Vitamin C to aid in building a stronger immune system, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, hand soap and a cold-versus-flu tip sheet.

“The things that are in these kits are things that can be purchased at most retail stores,” she said. “These are all things that everyone should have on hand to help fight the flu.”

Davison said this is the first time for Visiting Angels to hand out flu kits.

“Last year, flu season was absolutely horrible,” she said. “We decided this year we were going to be proactive and educate people about the tools they need to avoid the flu. The more people we can prevent from getting the flu, the less widespread it will be.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, flu season is in the fall and winter months, peaking anywhere from late November through March. Elaine Miller, alternate administrator of Integrity Home Health, said flu shots are important for everyone, but especially the elderly who are more susceptible to the virus.

“People would like to think that the flu shot prevents the flu,” she said. “But just because you get the flu shot, you could still get the flu but the symptoms will be milder.”

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