By Kevin M. Smith

Killeen Daily Herald

A local developer is facing a lawsuit after two home owners claim the corporation failed to comply with state regulations for stormwater drainage, causing their homes to flood.

The suit, filed Wednesday in Bell County District Court against RSBP Developers Inc., alleges that water runoff from the construction site known as Trimmier Estates, Phase Four, flooded two homes on Omar Drive in Killeen.

The petition for damages and declaratory relief states, "RSBP Developers, Inc., failed to obtain the permits and approvals that are required under federal, state and local laws and regulations relating to drainage, flood control and control of the quality and quantity of storm water discharges and runoff from the construction site."

On May 21, 24 and 25, rain caused flooding at the homes of Shaheen Rehman and Muhammad Bhatti, each in the 600 block of Omar Drive. Rehman declined to comment, saying her attorney advised against it, and Bhatti did not return phone calls from the Daily Herald.

The petition alleges the stormwater runoff that flooded their homes originated from the Trimmier Estates, Phase Four, construction site, which is north of Omar Drive and west of the existing Trimmier Estates, Phase Two, subdivision.

However, that construction project in Phase Four shouldn't exist, Killeen City Planner Andrew Allemand said. The plat for Phase Four was submitted in January, but after requested amendments were never finalized, the plat lapsed and was never voted on, Allemand said. Phase Four is not even in the process for approval.

Gary Purser Jr., owner of RSBP Developers Inc., did not return phone calls from the Daily Herald.

The Trimmier Estates subdivision housing area is located between West Trimmier Road and South Fort Hood Street.

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