Some things in life really are free.

A Killeen resident is organizing a clothing swap Saturday.

Tammy Andreassen will hold her first clothing swap in Room 150 of the Killeen Community Center, 2201 East Veterans Memorial Blvd., on Saturday. From 10 a.m. to noon she will accept clothing donations, and from noon to 3 p.m., people will be able to browse through the clothing and take the items they need.

Andreassen said she came up with the idea for a clothing swap after seeing a similar event in Copperas Cove.

“I have four girls and there have been times when it has been rough for us to get clothes, and on the other hand with having four girls we have a lot of clothes that don’t fit or that aren’t worn anymore,” she said.

Andreassen said she has already had several people donate clothing for the swap.

She said there are clothes for every age, jackets and some shoes.

“I know that there have been hard times for my family trying to get all the clothes that we need for my four girls,” she said.

“I thought that something like this could be something that could help other people who are in similar situations, and maybe some of them don’t have the money to drive to Copperas Cove and it would be easier for them to have something like this in Killeen.”

Bring a bag

Andreassen said people can just show up to the event to take what they need, but she recommends bringing a shopping bag or something to put the clothes in.

She said depending on the response to this event, it may be something she does again in the future.

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