COPPERAS COVE — Art takes many shapes and forms, and nowhere was that more evident than at the Five Hills Art Guild GO GREEN! art fair Friday and Saturday.

Fifty vendors gathered at City Park to share their talents, which encompassed everything from crocheting to metal work, and candy to egg art.

Musicians and groups performed during the festival, and there was even a scavenger hunt for children to interact with the artists.

That interaction helped children understand the artists’ motivation and inspiration.

Debbie Koopmann of Columbus, Texas, brought her chainmaille to sell at the festival. “It’s therapeutic,” she said. “I get lost in it.”

Self-taught, Koopmann can create a piece of chainmaille while waiting for a school bus.

She explained the length of the watch chains she creates. “My husband watches movies I don’t like.” The length of the chain reflects the length of the movie.

Razzy and Randel of New Braunfels have brought a different angle to art. Randel plays the guitar and sings while Razzy splashes paint on a canvas. Each finished work is the result of a different song.

“It’s music on canvas,” Razzy said. “Only love goes on the canvas.”

Friday night’s attendance at the festival was better than expected, according to Linda LaPierre, Five Hills Art Guild treasurer. “We had about 800 people” across the four hours, almost running out of parking spaces.

The rain held off Saturday, which allowed hundreds more to attend the fair, as well, and enjoy the many expressions of creativity on display.

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