Bulldogs were on display Saturday at the Killeen Special Events Center during the second annual Tri County Bully Extravaganza.

The dog show showcased bulldogs in many sizes, shapes and characteristics; however, the big attention-getter was the calm and control the pit bulls exhibited as they walked the floor, mingling with people and other pit bulls.

Killeen resident and event organizer Frank Martinez said the purpose of the event is to promote awareness, and allow people to see pit bulls for the gentle animals they are.

“Pit bulls are not a threat. They are not the killers they have been labeled. They need a purpose; they need love,” Martinez said, adding the event is family-friendly, allowing children to show bulldogs in front of the judges.

Last year there were hundreds of participants, Martinez said, but this year the show far exceed those numbers.

Attendee Bryan Brandon, 28, of Oklahoma, has been breeding American bulldogs for 10 years.

“I love pit bulls and the happiness they bring to their owners; what a gentle, playful animal,” he said.

Dallas residents James Bush, 48, and Carlton Myers, 51, were also at the show and specialize in training pit bulls to perform in events such as sled pulls and treadmill races.

“Aggressive people create aggressive animals,” Bush said. “Potential owners should research the type of pit they desire, then visit an establishment that specializes in pit bulls and become acquainted. Pit bulls are just like people, they deserve to be loved and respected.”

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I was at this event in my role as a volunteer for Killeen Animal Alliance. Mr. Martinez was very kind and put on a first class event. Thank you sir.

Killeen Animal Alliance is a volunteer, non-profit organization with the mission of helping the Killeen Animal Shelter attain no kill status.

We have an 18 point strategy that has been used in other cities to improve the chance of live release for shelter animals. The city council was briefed on our efforts and fully endorsed putting our strategies into action.

Please check us out on facebook. We have volunteer opportunities for everyone. We need foster families, local speakers to deliver our message to the community, handy people to make things or just folks who want to spend some time at the shelter helping out.

We look forward to hearing from you. Check us out!

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