The Killeen Arts & Activities Center is hosting Texas Metropolitan Ballet Academy’s annual Mother’s Day tea and ballet on Saturday.

The Killeen Arts & Activities Center is hosting Texas Metropolitan Ballet Academy’s annual Mother’s Day tea and ballet on Saturday.

“Our Mother’s Day Tea is coordinated and conducted by Veronique Pileri. She volunteers every year to do these wonderful events for us, and makes wonderful plates of food for them,” said Nichole Williams with the Texas Metropolitan Ballet Academy in Killeen.

The Mother’s Day Tea starts at 1 p.m. followed by the ballet at 2 p.m. An encore performance begins at 7 p.m.

“There will be dancers in costume at the tea that guests can take pictures with,” Williams said.

Ticket prices

Adult tickets are $30 and Child tickets are $15. Price includes tea and ballet, but tea tickets are limited. Child tickets are 18 years old and under. Ballet only tickets are $15 for adults and $8 for children.

Although “The Nutcracker” is the academy’s annual winter performance, company, apprentice dancers and academy students perform a new spring ballet every year.

“These pieces are mainly original choreography by Randall Marks and Jeanne Marie Marks,” Williams said. “We choose a piece that we think the public will be interested in seeing, as well as a piece that can be condensed to a one-hour act. Each piece is intended to teach the dancers new techniques and increase their abilities and knowledge of ballet. .... This is our last performance of the academy year.”

‘Swan Lake’

This Saturday, attendees will witness the academy’s rendition of “Swan Lake & Other Suite Flights.”

“Swan Lake” is about a prince, Siegfried, who falls in love with princess, Odette. She is a swan by day and a woman at night. In order to break the spell, a man must promise to love her forever.

The Russian ballet premiered in 1877. The San Francisco Ballet was the first American Company to completely perform it in 1940. Although the story has a tragic ending, some modern adaptations change the fate of Siegfried and Odette.

Typically, “Swan Lake” is a four-act ballet, but the academy condenses the ballet for its family-friendly audience.

“The first act includes dancers ranging from the little primaries all the way to adult dancers. The second half of the performance features some of the lower level dancers and highlights the company dancers,” Williams said.

“The dancers that participate in our performances put in a lot of work from January to May. They give up weekends and school nights to not only take their required classes but to rehearse ... They love it and are passionate about ballet and it shows not only in their dedication but the end-product, the performance,” Williams said.

For Mother’s Day tea and ballet ticket availability, contact Texas Metropolitan Ballet Academy at 254-252-4640 or

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