David Blackburn

Bell County Judge candidate David Blackburn speaks with Bell County resident Royce Matkin at the Killeen Civic and Conference Center.

David Blackburn, candidate for Bell County judge, hosted a public campaign launch at the Killeen Civic & Conference Center to speak with about 25 local residents about ensuring the continuity of economic growth and prosperity for Bell County.

“My hope, my goal is to make this the best-run county in the state of Texas,” Blackburn said at the Monday night event. “I think we can do that by being as effective and efficient as possible with our taxpayer resources that are entrusted to the county. I will do everything I can to make that as responsible and transparent as possible and mindful of the stewardship we have to our county residents and taxpayers.”

The county judge is the presiding officer of the Bell County Commissioners Court, the county’s governing body.

Blackburn was a former city Manager for Temple and Killeen for 20 years with nearly 30 total years of local government service.

Blackburn said he looks forward to meeting with a vast amount of Bell County voters and working with them toward economic expansion for the region.

“I really look forward to the opportunity to meet and speak with Bell County residents, listening to them and understanding what will work best for them,” he said.

Blackburn, 60, is currently the executive director of the Temple Economic Development Corporation. He and his wife Anne have been married for 37 years and have four daughters and two grandsons.

Diane Connell, a resident of Bell County for 35 years, said Blackburn has secured her vote through his proficient service to Temple and Killeen.

“I was here when David was city manager of Killeen and he did an excellent job,” she said. “I think he is a great administrator, he does listen to everybody, and he did the same thing in Temple. I think he’s perfect for it.”

Zenia Warren, vice chair of the Republican Party of Bell County, also commended Blackburn’s qualifications as candidate for Bell County judge.

“We live in one of the best counties in the state of Texas and it’s important that we have a leader who can adapt to that growth,” said Warren. “He is the person that will take us into growth.”

Carlyle Walton, CEO of Metroplex Hospital in Killeen, said he holds Blackburn in high esteem for the future off Bell County.

“David has demonstrated the ability to be a very competent and collaborative leader both here in Killeen and in Temple,” he said. “He continues in that role with economic development cooperation and he is someone I am very honored to support.”

For more information about Blackburn and his campaign, visitwww.BlackburnforBellCounty.com or email David@BlackburnForBellCounty.com.

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