Gun Range

Jordan, left, and Zack Martella, of Killeen, spend Saturday afternoon taking target practice during the grand opening of The Gun Range in Killeen.

Elevated lead levels within The Gun Range, 2401 S. Fort Hood St., have been recorded, according to a press release from the Bell County Public Health District.

“We have been notified by representatives of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that an inspection at The Gun Range has identified elevated lead levels within the building,” the release reads.

Potential customers should be aware that sampling during the inspection identified lead on surfaces in the areas of the facility frequented by customers, as well as airborne lead levels behind the firing lines that exceeded permissible exposure limits to workers.

This is not considered an environmental or public health issue as the lead is contained within the building, according to the release. Surrounding areas are considered safe.

The OSHA inspection is in progress, the Health District does not have any further information or additional detail. For more information about the OSHA Citation and Notification of Penalty issued to The Gun Range, contact the OSHA office in Austin at 512-374-0271. | 254-501-7553

Herald staff writer

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Is there some kind of agenda being enacted from this story? These shocking words of alarm shouted about lead in the air but then, oh wait, we don't really have any details. If you want information you need to contact some government bureaucrat in Austin. WTH?
The only time there's not "LEAD IN THE AIR" is when they're closed!

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