In the United States, someone needs blood every two seconds.

Ongoing blood drives in Central Texas convey the same demand as the Red Cross’ two-second need statistic; blood is indeed a precious commodity and needs to be consistently replenished.

“It’s vitally important to us so we can continue to give the urgent care that we do. There’s a continual need for blood in our area so you can never have too much,” said AdventHealth Central Texas Marketing Manager Erin Riley during a public blood drive in conjunction with Carter BloodCare Wednesday at the Killeen hospital.

AdventHealth Rollins Brook in Lampasas also hosted a blood drive that day.

Fifteen units of blood was the goal for the blood drive and the Carter BloodCare and AdventHealth Central Texas team was able to exceed its goal, collecting over 20 before the end of the event. Significant blood donations are most needed during the summer months when supplies taper off. Type O blood is always needed but every blood type donated makes a difference when emergencies occur.

“Blood is necessary to save lives and we’re using it here every single day in our emergency room, along with the other local hospitals, to fulfill that need to save lives. There are many opportunities around Killeen to donate through Carter BloodCare, which is our local provider. If you ever see an opportunity, whether it be here or at another local blood drive, I would encourage people to take advantage of that to help a fellow community member out,” said AdventHealth Wellness Coordinator Sarah Kennedy.

A typical blood drawing, a process that takes minutes and provides one pint of blood, can assist in saving three lives. Blood donated in Central Texas, stays local to support those in Central Texas who find themselves in need of it.

At Wednesday’s event, donors were given gift cards for Cinemark movie tickets. Gifts to donors change per event. In the past, donors received T-shirts, tumblers and more, but donors always receive complimentary health screenings and access to their blood health information on Carter BloodCare’s website.

Those interested in donating should be at least 18 years of age and in general good health. For safety purposes, all donors will be screened by onsite medical personnel and need to present a valid photo ID at the time of donation. The next blood drive at AdventHealth is scheduled for June 12.

For more information about hosting a blood drive or attending a blood drive, visit Attend similar goodwill events or classes centered around health by visiting the “News and Events” page at

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