David Collinsworth

David Collinsworth

The Brazos River Authority named former field manager David Collinsworth as its new general manager and chief executive officer, according to a Thursday news release.

The authority, headquartered in Waco, is the oldest river authority in Texas. Created by the Texas Legislature in 1929, the authority’s 42,000-square-mile territory includes all or part of 70 counties and extends from the Texas-New Mexico border west of Lubbock to the Gulf of Mexico near Freeport.

The authority built, owns and operates three reservoirs and contracts with the Army Corps of Engineers for the water supply storage space at eight federal multi-purpose flood control and water conservation reservoirs including Belton and Stillhouse Hollow lakes.

The city of Killeen contracts with the Bell County Water Control and Improvement District No. 1, which secures surface water rights from the authority on the two lakes. The WCID is the city’s wholesale water provider and treats the city’s wastewater.

The district is currently constructing a $41-million drinking water treatment plant on Stillhouse Hollow Lake that will provide an additional 10 million gallons per day to Killeen customers.

Collinsworth has been with the authority for more than 20 years and is a current regional manager for the organization, according to the release. The authority initiated a search for a replacement for Phillip J. Ford, who is retiring at the end of March after 17 years of service.

“After interviewing a talented group of qualified candidates, the Board of Directors determined David Collinsworth’s background and extensive experience would continue the momentum and determination of the BRA to serve the people of the Brazos River basin,” said Board Presiding Officer Dave Scott.

As general manager, Collinsworth will oversee more than 275 employees in multiple locations throughout the Brazos River basin, while managing the system’s water supply, water treatment projects and water quality initiatives under the direction of the 21-member board of directors.

Collinsworth will be the eighth general manager of the authority since its establishment. He previously served the authority as field operations manager, business manager for the Central Basin region and since 2014 as regional manager for the Central and Lower basins.

Collinsworth received a Bachelor of Science degree in aquatic biology and organic chemistry from Southwest Texas State University.

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