HARKER HEIGHTS — The Harker Heights Event center invited the community to its second Buy Black MarketPlace vendors event Saturday afternoon.

The free community event is geared toward giving African-American businesses a platform to present their unique products and services.

Carolyn Brown, owner of the Harker Heights Events Center, was happy about the variety of featured displays, activities and presentations.

“This month we have the theme — Fitness, Health & Wellness — so we are having some Zumba classes, a high intensity aerobics class, we even have a mediation demo,” she said.

Visitors were also able to get information on nutritional classes, find out about nutritional classes offered in their community and learn about healthy meal preparation.

Rita Rachal visited the Harker Heights Events Center to get more information on local fitness and wellness options and enjoyed talking to each of the vendors on sight.

“I really like it here,” she said. “It helps the community to find out what’s offered out there.”

Visitors were also able to learn about alternative ways of health and healing. Reiki Practitioner and Life Coach Phoenix J Ma’ri explained her unique way of providing wellness and health.

“Instead of medicate, we meditate,” she said. “At first people are usually scared because they don’t understand what Reiki it’s just a universal spirit that lives within you.”

Saturday’s event was the second Buy Black MarketPlace, after its original start-up in December. It is scheduled to take place every first Saturday of the month from noon to 6 pm.

The event will focus on a changing monthly spotlight theme.

“Next month we are going to focus on women in business,” Brown said.

Interested vendors can register their booths for $35 or $60 by contacting the Harker Heights Event Center at 254-554-3600.

Yvonne Tigerina has offered her all-natural teas, soaps and essential oils already on multiple occasions at the Harker Heights Event Center.

She liked the idea of the new Buy Black MarketPlace event line because it focusses on African-American businesses many people wouldn’t hear about otherwise.

“It helps people to find out where African-American businesses are so they can find and support us,” she said. “As I grew up, there were no black businesses around. Now you just have to find out where to go. This is a great opportunity for us.”

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When is the Buy White MarketPlace event scheduled? Or the Buy Asian MarketPlace event?
So who's the racist now? How about we have the Buy Democrat MarketPlace. That's where you take what ever you want and the guy behind you has to pay for it!


Since when did the color of a person's skin become the reason someone would frequent a business. If a person of any color provides a much needed service to me then I will frequent their business and be a loyal customer as long as they treat me with dignity and respect regardless of my heritage. I read about this marketplace last month in another forum and was surprised to find that only businesses that are owned by "black" (black is a color not a race) people can participate. How utterly ignorant can people be, not only that, it is racist... you know the very thing that "black" people have fought against for many years! It's basically saying "if you are a black person you should only do business with black owned businesses and exclude everyone else". Talk about digressing. There are many more positive ways to get the word out about small business owners, rather than having a racially motivated marketplace. I can assure you that I will NEVER set foot into any of the businesses who participate because I know that the color of my skin is more important that the color of my money.

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