Cedric the Entertainer

Cedric the Entertainer

One of the original kings of comedy, Cedric the Entertainer, is coming to Killeen for one-night June 6.

He will do two stand-up shows, at 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., at the Killeen Arts & Activity Center, 801 N 4th St. Tickets are $53 and can be purchased at https://popup.seatengine.com/events/31065.

He also performed in Killeen in 2017.

Cedric The Entertainer, whose real name is Cedric Antonio Kyles, makes his hectic entertainment schedule look easy.

Last summer, Cedric received a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the live performance category for his 30 years of show business. His commitment to stand-up contributed to his Star.

Cedric’s comedic career started 32 years ago in St. Louis, Missouri. He performed his first set at Funny Bone Comedy Club and won $500. His stand-up career kicked off from there, which propelled him to his first acting role in “The Steve Harvey Show” in 1996.

From there, Cedric has starred in multiple blockbusters and sitcoms, but he did not let go of comedy.

“Cedric was probably the second act that agreed to start doing shows across the country with the Pop Up Comedy Series. We’ve presented him about 15 times. This will be his second time in Killeen,” said Chenell Hickey, Pop Up Comedy Series executive producer.

The Pop Up Comedy Series started in 2017. At the time, Cedric was working on “The Last O.G.” and “The Neighborhood.” Both sitcoms were renewed this year.

“His touring schedule is extremely limited. So, he is very careful. He believes in the grass roots and giving back to his fans. He is one of those types of acts that doesn’t forget where he comes from. He picks and identifies X number of cities he’ll go to,” Hickey said.

“Acting is a full-time job for Cedric. When he can take off from that, he believes in staying in touch with his core fan base and he stays humble doing it,” Hickey said.

Cedric the Entertainer has a good working relationship with Pop Up Comedy Series, which is based in California.

“We started our very first show in Killeen. Cedric was our second act here. Now, we are in 17 different cities across the country,” Hickey said.

“You can always put him in the Killeen Civic (and Conference) Center, but we don’t want to lose the intimate experience that the Pop Up Series is all about. He sells out arenas across the country, but that venue would take away the ambience and the experience that the series is known for,” Hickey said.

“There isn’t a bad seat in Activity Center. Besides, the first few VIP rows, it’s first-come, first-serve for seating,” Hickey said.

The activity center does not have a box office. Attendees must bring identification for proof of purchase.

“Whereever we go, we make it easy for the customer. Typically, 99 percent of people have some type of ID identifying who they are … We take the burden out of making sure you have your tickets,” Hickey said.

In addition, the Pop Up Comedy Series eliminates some of the unexpected cost that come with going to a comedy show.

“Comedy show tickets cost about $45 to $55. If you have a two-item minimum with gratuity that’s possibly another $20. It can create a long night of spending that people don’t think about,” Hickey said.

That two-item minimum won’t be a part of the June 6 performance, however, optional refreshments are available for purchase. VIP tickets with meet & greet have already sold out, but general admission for the 7 p.m. and 9:30 shows are still available.

“An intimate comedy experience is supposed to be about a good experience, not a bunch of additional cost. ... We know you are there for a comedy show, not to over indulge in alcohol, food or beverages,” Hickey said.

“June 6, take your mind off whatever is going on in life and have fun,” Hickey said.

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