The Killeen Economic Development Corporation has conveyed an additional 2.8 acres to MGC Pure Chemicals America, Inc. for the purpose of constructing Phase II of the facility, according to a news release from the Killeen Economic Development Corporation.

Phase II will result in an additional $12 million capital investment and create three to five additional jobs with an average salary of $66,000, according to the release from Jennifer Hetzel, who is with the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce and KEDC.

The company has not completed Phase 1.

The Herald reported Dec. 4 that MGC had applied for an air-quality permit with the state’s environmental regulation agency, according to a consultant for the state.

Two legal notices submitted to the Herald on Tuesday by associate consultant Laura Auchterlonie with Austin-based BSI Services and Solutions showed the Japan-based company had applied for the first time for an air-quality permit necessary to move forward with the plant’s operation.

Under its agreement with KEDC, the company will hire 28 new positions in exchange for more than $1.2 million in property tax and permitting reimbursements.

MPCA broke ground on Phase I in August 2017.

Phase I will process and purify hydrogen peroxide and will go into commercial production in early 2019. Phase II will process and purify ammonium hydroxide. Both of these products are used in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

KEDC officials have said Phase 1 will result in a capital investment of approximately $28 million, and that when complete, the MPCA facility will total an approximate $40 million capital investment making the company one of the largest taxpayers in the city of Killeen.

MPCA currently produces both hydrogen peroxide and ammonium hydroxide at its plant in Mesa, Arizona. The company is also building a hydrogen peroxide facility identical to the Killeen facility in Forest Grove, Oregon. MPCA’s parent company has produced both products for decades at plants in Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan.

MPCA has hired 80 percent of its workforce, and training is conducted at the corporate headquarters in Mesa, Ariz.

MPCA has received several awards for quality control and has a record of 100 percent safety, KEDC officials said. KEDC officials said no unstable chemicals will be kept at the Killeen site, and security measures will be in place, to include internal/external onsite cameras, around-the-clock security and multiple security card access points.

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