The members of the Refuge Ministries Church in Killeen Park Campus are doing their part to show the love of Christ by giving back to the community they serve. The church has been hosting a clothes swap and free clothes giveaway every second Saturday of the month for a little over a year. The operation began in Copperas Cove many years ago and it has been continued in Killeen.

Laura Taylor, the leader of the event, said that they normally have around 100 families that come by the church to pick up some clothes if they are in need or swap some of the old clothes that they do not use anymore and pick up something new.

The event is ran on donations from in and out of the congregation. They receive donations from all over Central Texas from families that want to help any way they can. Sometimes the church receives more donations than they can store, and that allows them to donate to other churches who can help the community.

“We don’t sell anything, we just give it away,” Taylor said. These families like to know that their donations are going to a good cause and being given to those who truly need it.

Taylor said that the church gives away baby clothes and items, and clothes for kids more than anything else because kids grow so much and so often.

On top of giving away clothes, the church gives away toys, food and other family items. They also volunteer at a food bank in Copperas Cove every last Saturday of the month serving food.

Janett Howell and Kevin Brooks are both members of the church and volunteer for the clothes swap. They have both been helping since the event came to Killeen a little over a year ago.

Brooks invites people to “come in God’s house and enjoy the gifts of the Lord.” Howell said, “I love to help others,” when asked why she volunteers.

Cassandra Wetherell has been to the event two or three times now and participates in the clothes swap. She donates her old clothes that her and her family will no longer use and looks for new items for her husband, herself or her kids.

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