The recent cold snap contradicted famed groundhog Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction of an early spring, but meteorologists forecast the next week should bring temporarily warmer weather.

“At least in the immediate next week or so it should be warming up considerably,” said Bianca Villanueva, meteorologist at the National Weather Service. “We started the week in the low 30s, but by the end of the week, the high is forecasted to be 77.”

The increase in temperatures will begin Tuesday with a high of 44 followed by a low of 27, Villanueva said. Wednesday, the high is forecasted at 54 with a low of 46, she said.

By Thursday, Villanueva said the high will be 67 and the low 59.

Friday’s high temperature is forecasted at 77 with a low of 60, she said. That high will hold through Saturday, with a low of 51.

On Sunday, the temperature is predicted to drop to a high of 69 with a low of 48, she said.

Although the weather is warming up, Central Texas may experience some precipitation, Villanueva said.

“We do have some rain chances returning this weekend,” Villanueva said. “We have a 50 percent chance of some showers or storms on Saturday.”

Villanueva said wildflowers such as bluebonnets have adapted to survive Texas cold snaps, and should stay on track to bloom this spring.

But before tucking away winter wear for the rest of the year, Villanueva said another cold snap may be on the horizon before the spring is here to stay.

“We may see some below normal temperatures in the middle of the month, but it’s still a little far out to know how cold they will be,” she said.

The freezing weather is causing the city to open Killeen Community Center beginning tonight from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. as a warming station for those needing relief from freezing weather.

“The warming station is set up to offer temporary relief from cold and does not offer full sheltering services,” according to the city.

It will open as a warming station again Tuesday night if forecast holds temperatures below freezing, said city spokeswoman Hilary Shine. She said the city did not open a warming station Sunday night.

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