A phone similar to the one pictured overheated and melted causing an evacuation of the computer lab at Texas A&M University-Central Texas on Wednesday afternoon.

Most college students are used to having a breakdown due to stress at some point in the semester, but one Texas A&M University-Central Texas student wasn’t expecting her phone to have a meltdown.

According to Charles Rodriguez, A&M-Central Texas police chief, one student’s phone overheated and caused an evacuation of a computer lab at the Killeen university Wednesday afternoon.

“It kind of overheated and melted,” Rodriguez said.

The owner of the Samsung Galaxy S7 told authorities that she had dropped her phone sometime in the last week and that it had not been acting right ever since.

While sitting in class in the computer lab, the student noticed smoke coming from her purse.

“She opened her purse, reached in to take it out and it was very hot,” Rodriguez said. “She then threw it on the floor and it melted onto the carpet.”

Although there were no injuries or damage reported, the fire department evacuated the computer lab in order to test the air quality due to the odor from the burnt device.

“Other than the un-breathable, unpleasant odor, it was not dangerous or toxic,” Rodriguez said. “After we were given the all clear, a floor fan was put in to blow the odor out.”

The police chief said that the unpleasant smell came from the burnt components of the phone and while it was not harmful, it was similar to that of burnt popcorn.

“Once it gets in there, it’s hard to get out,” he said.

The owner of the phone told officials her hand was not burned, and she declined to go to the hospital. | 254-501-7562

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