The former Killeen Kmart is seen on Fort Hood Street.

In September, Killeen residents learned that a Vertical Altitude Trampoline Park will open its doors in the Wendland Plaza Shopping Center this winter. The trampoline park won’t be the only new business coming to the shopping center that used to house Killeen’s only Kmart on the 900 block of South Fort Hood Street.

Conn’s HomePlus, a retail store specializing in electronics, furniture and appliances, will occupy about half of the old Kmart building, according to Jay Franklin, the superintendant of DLP Construction.

DLP is in charge of the project. Franklin said his company has been in charge of construction for Conn’s locations all around the country.

“They’re getting pretty big,” he said of Conn’s.

Though the old Kmart building is still in pretty good shape, it’s going to take a lot of overhauling. DLP will renovate 45,000 square feet, and take down about 70 percent of the already existing building.

In addition to Conn’s, a health club called Crunch Fitness will open up in the plaza, Franklin said.

The nearest Crunch Fitness is in Round Rock, but there are locations all over the country. The no-judgement health club offers group fitness classes like yoga and spin. DLP entered a bid to do the construction, and is awaiting a reply.

Dollar Tree and Lumber Liquidators will also share the old Kmart plaza with Conn’s, according to Franklin. The Kmart closed in March of this year.

The Altitude Trampoline Park will take over the old H-E-B, which also used to be housed in the Wendland shopping center. The estimated value of the trampoline park renovation is $815,000, and the project includes over 29,000 square feet. The city has received $4,895 in payment so far.

It will be one of two trampoline parks in the city. Killeen permit officials approved the Urban Air Adventure Park, which will have a trampoline park, at 2102 Jennifer Drive, near Jasper Drive and Fort Hood Street. That site is under construction.

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Pharon Enochs

The following comments are indeed the opinions of Pharon Enochs. I hope these plans stay as described but this is the city of Killeen so I think a quote from Yogi B., the great baseball catcher of the New York Yankees says it best, "It aint over till it's over." In the case of the chemical plant no one seems to know if the contract could be voided. I wonder if the same applies to these contracts. I hope the EDC does not have any input in these contracts since it seems to have the power and authority to decide what type of business are welcome in Killeen. I am leery of its' involvement because the city could have another chemical plant or perhaps a sewage treatment plant or even a chicken processing plant at these locations. I must presume the reason this information was not made public till now is because perhaps hundreds or even thousands of companies were looking at this location to open business so in the interest of keeping quite during talks about the plans the spirt of competition would not be compromised. A word of caution this kool aide is extremely sour. God Bless America, President Trump and John Wayne wherever he may be.

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