190 Bypass Opening

The southeast part of the U.S. Highway 190 bypass and Farm-to-Market 2657 projects is seen Thursday.

State Rep. J.D. Sheffield, R-Gatesville, speaks during a ceremony officially opening the U.S. Highway 190 bypass and Farm-to-Market 2657 projects Thursday in Copperas Cove.

The Texas Department of Transportation has closed down the length of the I-14 bypass around Copperas Cove after a traffic accident caused damage to one of the bridges on the bypass.

An 18-wheeler crashed on the Valley Bridge earlier this morning, causing damage to the guard rail on the bridge, according to information obtained from TxDOT public information officer Ken Roberts.

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Tell me again how much progress we've made by reducing a six lane highway down to a two lane road encompassing two bridges that cover over a mile. Then we have to close that two lane road to thousands of movements per day because of damage to a guard rail. Who makes these decisions? Whoever they are, they're idiots!!! Just be glad they're not already in the middle of installing their unwanted islands in the middle of Business Hwy 190 in Copperas Cove or you'd really have a mess! The worst part is, the decision makers don't see there's a problem and they sure don't know what to do about it!


Half the problem with this bypass is that it is not 2 lanes in each direction. A good portion of it is one lane. It was built wrong from the start. And a couple of years after finally opening they had to close it down for repairs due to shoddy workmanship and materials.


Absolutely right DawgDave! This design was obsolete when it was still just a drawing.

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