Jasper Road bridge accident

Traffic is backed up Friday, April 28, 2017, after a vehicle towing a construction excavator on a trailer struck the Jasper Road bridge that goes over U.S. Highway 190/Interstate 14 in Killeen.

Sometime in the future, the Texas Department of Transportation will institute some cosmetic work on the Jasper Road bridge in Killeen. For now, a basket has been affixed to catch any concrete that may fall after an accident.

“There weren’t any repairs done as a result of the impact,” TxDOT spokesman Ken Roberts said in a phone call Monday.

The bridge, which goes over U.S. Highway 190/Interstate 14, was shut down for several hours Friday after a westbound truck’s cargo — an excavator — hit the overpass.

No injuries were reported, although a westbound minivan was struck by falling pieces of concrete, Killeen police said in a news release.

The overpass on Jasper Road was closed for about five hours Friday as crews cleared away the fallen pieces of cement and determined the bridge was safe.

The highway below was closed for about six hours, sparking lengthy traffic jams in the city.

The bridge does not show any further signs of damage, but the cosmetic work is a precautionary measure to prevent subsequent incidents, Roberts said.

There is no set date for when that work will be done, he added.

A visible separation between two of the bridge’s support beams is normal, Robert said.

“That’s the way the structure is made,” he said.

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