The Killeen City Council will continue discussion Tuesday on a street maintenance fee that would be assessed on commercial and residential water bills to pay for the city’s backlog of road repair needs.

Further consideration is set for the council’s workshop following its 5 p.m. regular meeting. Council members will review a wide matrix of potential actions related to the matter.

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Copy: “Doing nothing is not really doing nothing,” Mayor Jose Segarra said Oct. 23. “We’re going to continue to see streets deteriorate if we kick this can further down the road.” End of copy.

I think we all know what needs to be done, 'Stop kicking the can down the road, stop the work on the new streets and bridges which would free up $8 to $12 million dollars to be spent on existing road maintenance and repair. We do not or cannot allow this can to be 'kicked down the road any longer'.

If this council continues down this road to what I think is ruination, then I say it's time for this city to take matters into our own hands. Call for a referendum vote to allow/force this city council to place this matter on a ballot for a city wide vote on this matter. For once, let us think for ourselves.

Copy: 'By establishing a separate fund for street maintenance, the city said an overburdened operational fund would receive some breathing room as property tax revenues remain constrained each year.' End of copy.

By freeing up the $8 to $12 million dollars that are going into new road /bridge construction, it will be a good start on healing the 'under management' that exists in our city management group today. If action is not taken today to reduce or eliminate the existing road maintenance need then we should call for a referendum vote on the next city wide ballot and cease any and all work relating to this activity and the possible fee that is being called for on the sewers as it is felt by this individual that the city already has the responsibility to maintain our city sewer system up to the first lateral, approximately 6 to inches from the curb so no action is felt appropriate. Again, if this continues then I say that a city wide referendum is called for and a vote, city wide, should be called.

Copy: 'If the city does not institute the fee, the other options are attempting to raise property taxes by around 2 cents or cutting expenditures in the general fund, which could mean the elimination of city positions, David Olson said.' End of copy.

Again, this city does not have to increase by 2 cents or eliminating city positions if the $8 to $12 million is eliminated. And the old ploy, 'Contracts cannot be broken' is hog wash. A contract can always be broken and this contract is just beginning so no actual work has commenced, or just barely commenced.

Copy: 'Council members will also discuss spending $168,091 for the purchase of residential and commercial solid waste containers.' End of copy.

Why is it that we are just beginning this new city budget, Oct. 1, 2019, and we are already wanting to increase the budget by an amount of $168,091 for new containers. Did this department and the city manager not know of this crisis looming in the near future? Why was it not on the city budget? It seems to me that we are letting this city handle matters 'under the table' so to speak when it should be handled above board.

This has been the personal opinion of this writer and nothing shall be used, in context or without or changed in any way without first notifying, and receiving explicit approval from this writer.
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