COPPERAS COVE — The Economic Development Corporation board of trustees worked to finalize the move of EDC employees under the purview of City Manager Andrea Gardner at its regular meeting Tuesday at the EDC.

The four current EDC employees were slated to become city employees Oct. 1, but many of the technical details in the move had not yet been hashed out.

The central issue during the meeting surrounded securing of vacation and sick day benefits and clear job responsibilities for each employee as they will be employed by the city but work at the direction of the board. The EDC staff had previously declined to sign off on the city’s personnel policy when presented to them by the city’s human resources director because the old EDC staff policy had not yet been repealed by the board.

That lack of communication led to some friction during the meeting between newly appointed board Chairman Marc Payne and Gardner, who was on hand to address any concerns the board had with the transition plan the City Council had previously agreed upon.

“I think it’s the council’s habit to make everything happen right now,” Payne said. “I’d like everyone to move ahead on this in agreement instead of knocking heads.”

While all of the actionable items on the agenda were agreed upon by the board, many of the motions are pending further documentation that clarifies the roles of EDC staff moving forward.

The council also reviewed the EDC staff transition plan drafted by the city. In it, the city outlined its plan to eliminate and redefine EDC roles starting Jan. 7. Among the changes is the elimination of the office supervisor role, the redefinition of the office administrator and business retention specialist roles, and the potential outsourcing of the business development director position, previously held by current EDC interim Executive Director Monica MacKay.

Gardner clarified to the board that the outsourcing would only be considered after a financial analysis was completed to see whether an in-house position was more or less expensive.

The board also said goodbye to two of its members, including Chairman Bradi Diaz and Jack Smith. Three new members of the board — Chris Mulvey, Harald Weldon and Adam Martin — took their oaths of office before voting to approve Payne as the new chairman. | 254-501-7567 | 254-501-7567

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