From beginner to advanced, artists of every level can contribute to a published comic book, thanks to Comic Jam at Central Texas College’s Epically Geeky Expo.

Comic Jam is a collective comic book that allows those who attended EGX — which ended Sunday — the opportunity to contribute their art to the story of Nova Stellar.

“It’s a great way to showcase local artists,” Bobbi Waddle, instructor for graphics and printing at CTC, said Sunday. “This is our fifth year doing Comic Jam and our second year doing Artist Dojo.”

Artist Dojo is an interactive event at EGX that allows various artist vendors at the convention the opportunity to connect their art with fans by displaying their creative process live on a projector.

Fans also had the opportunity to interact with their favorite artists and ask questions throughout the Dojo.

“It’s actually been really fun,” said Sara Pearson, a CTC student. “I draw for fun, and I’ve considered going into the graphics department so it was cool to be able to talk with some of the artists, hear their career paths and get their advice.

“That’s not something you get the chance to do at big comic conventions unless you pay a lot of money.”

Perhaps inspired by the interaction, attendees could step right over to the Comic Jam and contribute a panel to the overall comic for this year’s event.

For $5, an artist receives a page with some back story as a guide to what the panel should include. Along the walls are pictures of the characters and scenes that may be included in the story.

“We collect all the pages and then put the comic together,” Waddle said. “Then we mail the final comic book to everyone who participated.

“It’s kind of exciting because then you can see your art and how it fits together to tell the story.”

The completed one-of-a-kind comic book is sealed in plastic just as a real comic book would be at a store and mailed to the label fans create before they go.

Artists and fans also have the option to leave their email address to receive the digital e-book of the comic if they choose. | 254-501-7562

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