A Killeen police officer is on administrative leave after she fired her weapon at a male suspect Friday evening.

KPD officers were dispatched to the 2600 block of Cross Timber Drive at 6:23 p.m. to assist an emergency medical crew, according to Ofelia Miramontez, KPD spokeswoman.

Arriving on scene, the ambulance was found to have been involved in a collison with another vehicle.

One officer exited her vehicle, when a male suspect charged toward her, police said.

A witness on the scene told the Herald the officer warned the suspect to stop and get on the ground. The man crumpled to the ground. The officer did not shoot.

It was not clear from witness reports or the KPD press release whether the suspect was struck by any shots fired minutes earlier. A press release from the Texas Department of Public Safety, which has taken over the investigation, indicated the man was "injured." 

The suspect was airlifted to Scott & White Medical Center in Temple, where he is still receiving medical care, according to Sgt. David Roberts, DPS spokesman.

No additional information on details of the incident or regarding the suspect's identity has been released.

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I didn't mean "headline", I meant "first line, ie 1st sentence or 'lead in'.....mac


Starting to sound a lot like NC also happened under Kimbles watch, also the increase of crime and gangs under kimbles watch in NC


OK, which is it, KDH? Your headline says the offier fired but in the meat on the story you say she didn't and then a little later that it wasn't clear.....yet the headline still stands out there bold as brass saying that the officer shot.....mac


How about calling in the Keystone cops, at least we all could get a good laugh. Jokes aside, we need to support our officers, at the same time we really need someone that can actually lead. It is time to recall this police of chief and get a seasoned chief! Two shooting in north Killeen Dist 1 not even hours apart.
My prayers are sent to the officer, other then that, its time we get a real top cop.


TxDPS - Texas Department of Public Safety

Texas Department of Public Safety, Important Citizen Information on Driver License, Vehicle Inspection, Controlled Substances, Crime Records, Emergency Management, Private Security, Texas News, Troopers and Highway Patrol.

Hmm, why not bring in the D.O.T as well. Lmao

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