Cloth diaper

Anita Hernandez shows off a cloth diaper at Storkdaddy's Consignment on Saturday morning.

Come for the cost efficiency, stay for the cute designs.

That’s not Anita Hernandez’s motto, but it could be. The representative for Rebecca’s Challenge and mother of four boys was at Storkdaddy’s Consignment Saturday morning, teaching current and future mothers about the benefits of cloth diapers.

“It can be as expensive or as inexpensive as you want,” she said. “Your money doesn’t go down the drain when you throw it in the trash.”

Cloth diapers have proved to be a more affordable alternative to disposable diapers, Hernandez said. One in three families in the United States has trouble providing diapers for their children.

When Hernandez’s husband was looking for work when he first got out of the U.S. Army, she was among those families. She soon became so passionate about it, she got involved with the Rebecca Foundation, which lends cloth diapers to families who struggle to constantly provide their children with diapers.

Military families automatically qualify for the service, as do parents of special-needs children, who might need to stay in diapers for a longer time, but have difficulty finding appropriate sizes for their age.

“I was one of those one in three families who didn’t know how I was going to diaper my child,” Hernandez said. First I was terrified, now I’m an addict, buying and calling dibs on all the cute designs.”

In addition to being more affordable and looking cute, cloth diapers can’t prevent rashes for children with sensitive skin, and provide a more secure fit which prevents leaks. There are several variations, including a waterproof cover in which parents can cut up an old T-shirt and stuff inside to use as an absorbant pad.

To save money, parents can buy the $2 flour towels from the Walmart kitchen section, and reuse them. You can plan on washing them every two days or so, which can get to be a lot of work, Hernandez said. But if not, your house might start to feel the effects that come with having a bag filled with dirty diapers.

“Otherwise, you will work up some stink issues,” Hernandez said.

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