A tractor-trailer rolled over on Interstate 14 east of mile marker 294 Friday morning.

When an 18-wheeler rolled over in the median near Nolanville on Friday, it wasn't the driver's fault, according to a family member of the driver.

The driver of that vehicle, James Ayers, was hauling a load of gravel when he swerved to avoid colliding with a small blue car which had pulled onto U.S. Highway 190/Interstate 14 and slowed down in front of him, according to Jeremy Ayers, his son.

James Ayers is currently in Scott and White Medical Center in Temple, recovering from his injuries, which includes broken bones in his neck, Jeremy Ayers said Saturday.

"He may never walk again," Jeremy Ayers said.

The incident took place shortly after 8 a.m. Friday, east of mile marker 294. The eastbound lanes of the highway were closed for hours while the scene was cleared. Traffic was diverted onto the access road at the Paddy Hamilton Road exit.

Sgt. David Roberts of the Texas Department of Public Safety had said Friday that Ayers' 18-wheeler had slowed due to another accident farther east on the highway, lost control and hit another truck before rolling over on the median.

"That's the information the trooper gave me who was investigating," Roberts said Saturday. He was not able to confirm or deny the information provided by Jeremy Ayers.

"Instead of possibly killing people, my dad swerved and did lose control," Jeremy Ayers said. "I just want people to know it wasn't his fault."

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Once again some idiot gets on 190 and drives like a total idiot. Driving under the posted speed limit in the left lane. I'm sure the driver of this blue car kept going down the road like they didn't care one bit.


Meant to say everyone always *thinks they come first.


Everyone always they come first. I have even seen cars not even come to a full stop when coming up to a road. They just turn right, not caring about who is already on the road they want on to. And then to make it worse they are way under the speed limit. I have seen this also when merging onto highways and freeways. As for merging or wanting in a lane with a big rig occupying it. Before anything put on your turn signal, leave it on long enough for him/her to see you and for goodness sakes leave plenty of room. Unless of course you want them to drive up on top of your car.

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