EDITOR’S NOTE: When you think about whether to vote, think about how this will affect your way of life.

You pay taxes, and you expect your city or school district representatives to be spending your money well.

After all, you elect them. If you didn’t vote, don’t worry. You have another chance.

Voters have an important role and should take a few minutes to review the candidates who will have so much impact on our communities.

You’ll want to see whether the candidates understand Killeen’s, Harker Heights’ and Lampasas’ complex financial systems.

You also expect the candidates to communicate with you about how your money is spent. When you ask questions about your city’s or school district’s business, you want answers.

You want your representatives to shape your city and school district in ways that suit all of the residents, not special interests, so you’ll want to carefully follow the money. Watch how candidates raise campaign contributions.

So, how will you know which candidates will work for you?

In Sunday’s paper, candidates answer detailed questions in our Election Guide. We also have stories on campaign contributions and an election forum that happened Saturday.

You also can go to our website, kdhnews.com/centerforpolitics, to watch the March 27 Killeen City Council candidates forum and to watch videos of the candidates for city and school board races. You’ll also see stories there.

Your vote is very important for our community. Please take time to study the candidates and make sure they are committed, dedicated and knowledgeable about making quality decisions that will affect your lives for the future.

KDH is the political center for politics. We are the media company of record for all political issues, events and candidates. We cover all races and bring you the latest news and what’s happening on the campaign trail.

KDH is launching a community campaign that will be focused on getting people out to vote and making it count. Watch for these important messages.

The campaign will start Sunday and will run until May 6.

Early voting starts April 24 and Election Day is May 6.

Please don’t let a few special interests decide how we live. Your community depends on you to vote.

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