The last race in the 2018 Copperas Cove election cycle will come to a head Tuesday between incumbent Mayor Frank Seffrood and challenger Azeita Taylor.

Seffrood and Taylor are in a runoff after no mayoral candidate received a majority of the vote on Nov. 6. Seffrood received 2,655. Taylor received 2,444. Joey Acfalle, the third candidate, received 543.

Per the Copperas Cove Charter, a runoff election is required in order to fill the position. Seffrood’s name will appear first on the runoff ballot after the two candidates drew for placement on Nov. 16.

Early voting wrapped up this past week in Copperas Cove. A total of 444 registered voters in the city have already cast ballots ahead of Election Day.

Taylor has run for council several times and served on multiple council-appointed boards. She has also worked with multiple business and civic groups in the city.

Better paying jobs and taking better care of city parks are on the shortlist of goals inspiring Taylor to seek the mayoral post. These targets will help underscore the city’s motto: built for family living.

Seffrood has held multiple positions of leadership in the past, he believes he is the best candidate to continue to spearhead Cove in the right direction.

He said he wants to continue providing good guidance to council members as a non-biased member of the council, reiterating the fact that the mayor possesses no vote on agenda items unless there’s a tie.

Election Day voting is from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday at 210 S. First St. | 254-501-7553 | 254-501-7553

Herald staff writer

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