Victor and Cynthia Morrison

Victor Morrison Jr., 41, and his wife, Cynthia Bennett-Morrison, 40, were killed in a vehicle crash Wednesday near Kempner.

Details emerged Thursday about a fatal crash that occurred Wednesday on U.S. Highway 190 about 1.7 miles west of Kempner. Two Lampasas residents died in the crash and a Lampasas resident and a child are at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Temple for treatment for incapacitating injuries.

Victor Morrison, Jr., 41, and his wife, Cynthia Bennett-Morrison, 40 died in their 1999 Ford pickup when Presli Peters, 22, and her 2-year-old crossed over the median in their 2005 Lincoln, according to the Department of Public Safety. DPS Spokesman John Roberts confirmed Thursday that neither Peters nor the child were deceased, and said no charges have been filed.

He emphasized that a lot of work is ongoing in terms of forensics.

“It’s an intricate thing,” he said, and he said charges could not be ruled out until the investigation was complete.

“It’s a lot like the Texas Rangers,” he said. “You might know in two days, and you might know in two years.”

He did say no alcohol-related elements were suspected.

Victor Morrison Jr. and Cynthia Morrison had been married for over 20 years, according to daughter Daisy Morrison.

The leave behind two children, two grandchildren and extended family.

“They loved their kids and their grandkids,” she said. “They loved to go out to the lake and go fishing. They went hunting together.”

Victor Morrison owned a company in Lampasas called Local Handyman, LLC and graduated from John H. Reagan High School in Austin. Cynthia loved sewing and crocheting and recently begun painting, according to her daughter.

“My Mom,” she said, “she was an amazing person. If anybody needed anything, she was there.”

The daughter said she and her family have lived in Lampasas for seven years.

Asked how she was alerted to the loss, she said, “I didn’t find out until about 3 p.m. yesterday.” She said the news was a shock. “I was just out of words.”

Facebook was filled with condolences and remembrances, and a good deal of the posts spoke highly of the work Victor performed as a roofing and construction professional. His website notes he was known as “Mr. Fix-it.”

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